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Home of Cosmic Freedom Qigong (also known as Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong)

“A man's true delight is to do the things he was made for.”

~ Marcus Aurelius

The Emperor-Philosoper



Welcome to the CFQ Healing Qigong Society of Malaysia website, your home for CFQ information and involvement. Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ), founded by Master Yap Soon Yeong, makes available to us the ancient teachings of Chinese energy healing. See About CFQ and About the Society. The Society hosts regular Thursday evening Community Gatherings and Practice Groups.



Master Yap Soon-Yeong

Master Yap Soon-Yeong of Penang, Malaysia is the founder of Cosmic Freedom Qigong or Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ).  He has been a professional qigong healer and teacher since March 1989.  His remarkable healing record is chronicled in Tao of Healing by Dr. Chok Hiew. (Read more about this book and others on our Books on CFQ page)


He learned traditional herbal healing from his family. For 30 years he has studied with various masters in the art of acupoint massage and traditional Chinese medicine.  He holds a Third Dan Black Belt in Japanese Karate and previously was an instructor of Praying Mantis Chinese Kung Fu.


Master Yap has been teaching  and using CFQ in his healing center since 1989 and recently taught CFQ with Dr. Hiew for the first time in the United States and Canada.  He has co-authored a book with Dr. Chok Hiew entitled, Energy Medicine in CFQ Healing, Healing the Body, Transforming Consciousness.


Spiral Dynamics Integral, or SDi for short, concerns itself with the deep complexity codes that shape our many worlds. The model describes and makes sense of the enormous complexity of human existence, and then shows how to craft elegant, systemic problem-solutions that meet people and address situations where they are.

Conceived and led by Dr. Don Beck, a leading global authority on value systems, societal change, and stratified democracy, SDi is an advanced extension and elaboration of the biopsychosocial systems concept originated by the late Dr. Clare W. Graves of Union College, New York, and later developed as Spiral Dynamics - a model that Canada’s Maclean’s Magazine rather grandly dubbed  “The Theory that Explains Everything.”

Spiral Dynamics™ reveals the hidden complexity codes that shape human nature, create global diversities, and drive evolutionary change.These dynamic Spiral forces attract and repel individuals, form the webs and meshes that connect people within groups, communities and organizations, and forge the rise and fall of nations and cultures.

Spiral Dynamics meshes the new science of memetics with Gravesian value systems to form “value memes” or ”vMemes” to craft a model of transformational change. By exploring and describing the core intelligences and deep values that flow beneath what we believe and do, the model offers a profoundly incisive, dynamic perspective on complex matters such as:

  • HOW people think about things (as opposed to “what” they think)
  • WHY people make decisions in different ways
  • WHY people respond to different motivators
  • WHY and HOW values arise and spread
  • The nature of CHANGE

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